Monday, September 29, 2014

Be A Part of the Change....

Here is a really great effort by Arne Duncan and the US Department of Education to get teachers involved in a discussion of how education should evolve:

Teach to Lead is a new initiative by the US Dept of Education. It is for, "all those who believe that for our profession to meet its historic mission we must have real and meaningful ways to unleash the wisdom and talent of teachers in defining what teaching and learning means..."

Certainly questions remain as to if this may lead to a paradigm shift in education on the national level. But perhaps this is an institutional movement away from a model "anchored in an industrial model that no longer works for students or teachers.” The very fact that Arne Duncan has worked to create a forum, a place to distill down ideas and frustrations is a cause for optimism.

Go to, Create an account. Now you can become part of the broader discussion. And best of all, you can leverage the power of your social network to promote the idea. That is where we all at BPL can really make a difference.... let's get ideas THAT WORK on their website, ideas that are apart of the core of BPL schools! Let's promote those ideas via twitter and facebook with our friends and colleagues near and far.
Read the discussions of other passionate educators. Post your own ideas. Share via twitter or facebook the ideas you like... especially to @bigpicturelearning so we can all contribute to, and reinforce idea that help engage students.

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