Saturday, October 18, 2014

OPINION: Education Technology: Could it Be Different This Time? | EdSurge News

This is a fascinating article about how EdTech has not kept up with the innovation and expectations of technology in the personal and business sphere. Perhaps now is the time for EdTech to emerge.

OPINION: Education Technology: Could it Be Different This Time? | EdSurge News:

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Taylor Bara said...

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Cecil said...

The education system should develop as rapidly as technology. I believe that in the future, computers should be installed in all schools and in all classrooms of each school. I also think that in the future, students should stop rewriting textbooks. Students will need to stop writing notes. But at the same time, students will have to continue writing essays in order to be literate and be able to write. It will be necessary to control more strictly so that students are not buy paper cheap from, so that they can still write and be literate. Because if they stop rewriting books, stop writing notes, then this will be the only work of writing. And it will not be allowed that students do not do this.

Ariel Wilson said...

Well, you are right in a way – education technology hasn’t really taken off. I have a website that provides London dissertation writing services, and when I talk to students, most of their complaints have simple solutions that can be solved with a bit of technological innovation.

Ariel Wilson said...
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