Monday, November 10, 2014

States Backtrack on Student Tracking Technology.

I am a huge proponent of technology to manage systems, streamline our work and - most importantly - foster engagement for our students.

But their are pitfalls to allowing the technology to alter the culture of a school. Schools should be, first and foremost, about relationships. Relationships are inherently based on trust, uncertainty and communication.

This is an example of technology that reduces the quality of education experience by removing trust, uncertainty and communication..... What do you think? Is tracking technology a good thing for schools? Or is it ignoring a bigger issue? Why are students prone to wander, be not where they are supposed to be, etc. Is a faster lunch line by using tracking technology an improvement or should students have more time to socialize and relax in the middle of their day?

States backtrack on student tracking technology | eSchool News | eSchool News | 2:

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MargaretBrownlee said...

I believe that introducing some kind of control system is too serious. Pupils will understand that they have lost confidence, and they will also feel like they are in prison, and because of this, the moral and psychological climate in the school may deteriorate. I believe that no system is needed, and you can talk with violators in person. What to do with troublemakers? How to avoid repeating a similar situation? How to make your child understand you?
1) Make eye contact with the intruder and make sure that it captures your gaze. Often this is enough for the child to return to the lesson.
2) What is the name of the offender, including it in the context of the explanation. The child, realizing that his behavior was noticed, will stop being distracted.
3) Arrange for the intruder an intellectual pause: put him at a separate table and give an individual task or short test work. You can give such an assignment as writing an essay, but you must make sure that the student does not use the essay writing service because the meaning of the punishment will then be lost.
4) Just transfer the child to the back desk. Having lost viewers, he can stop the wrong behavior.
5) Ask the child to terminate his actions, verbally or by note. It is important to use the word “please” - it emphasizes that for now there is only a request, and leaves the opportunity to increase pressure or move on to punishment.
Thus, you will conduct the intellectual and proper education of the offender, and thereby show the whole class what will happen to students who violate discipline. At the same time, schoolchildren will begin to respect you, even more, thanks to such humane and absolutely correct measures that you have taken to the violator. And if you establish some special system of control over schoolchildren, they will not respect you, will not listen to you, maybe they will not even be afraid of you, they will simply be in an unbalanced moral and psychological state. Children, like all people, need freedom.

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