Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Simple Tool to Build a Personalized EdTech Environment

One of the most overlooked barrier to technology adoption is the simple "where do I go?" and "what is my username and password?"

How many times has this happened to you..... someone emails you a link to a great app... You log in, check it out, think it is freaking awesome. Then you move on. A week later you are prepping a class and you remember, 'there is that great link that Bob sent me". You spend three minutes searching your email and finding the link to the app, then you struggle to remember your password. ("Is it my regular password, the one with capitols and numbers, the one with capitols, numbers and a symbol?") Ugh! What a hassle. It is understandable that many busy teachers just move on to their tried and true curriculum.

One solution to this problem is to 'stick with what you know' or stick with the one-size-fits-all services that the district purchases.

But there is a better way. OneLogin is a new service that allows businesses and schools to build collections of online resources. OneLogin stores all of your passwords. Never again will you have to find that link that Bob sent you. Bob just needs to post the app in OneLogin. 

Services such as LastPass and KeePass enable you to store all of your username and passwords for the services you use most. But OneLogin takes this one step further by allowing your school tech person to build organization apps to the things your school uses the most. Usenames and passwords can even be pre-loaded into apps so the teacher does not even need to manage his/her password any longer. And, you can have "Personal Apps" with many things like banks,, Facebook, etc already pre-made apps. (Your school tech dude does not have access to these.)

If you are trying to build a culture of innovation on your campus... skip the one-size fits all huge LMS and allow your teachers to use the apps that work for their classroom. OneLogin is a great platform for teachers to dive into the latest and greatest for their practice.


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