Monday, April 20, 2015

EdTech Startup Weekend

Technological Innovation in Education

Innovation in education is critical for future students and educators. With advances in education technology, we can remove education barriers such as distance and cost, and we can make education available to all those willing to learn.

At Ed Tech Startup Weekend, we welcome anyone who has a passion for creating solutions to the obstacles holding back the evolution of education and wants to meet people who are interested in doing the same.

What is Startup Weekend? 

Startup Weekend is a worldwide movement of ambitious entrepreneurial minds who are looking to learn the basics of founding and launching a startup venture successfully. Startup Weekend is part of a global initiative called Up Global, which is focused on building a thriving startup community. Startup Weekends are a unique opportunity for those who may be interested in learning how to launch and expand their business dreams, or those just interested in connecting with other passionate community members.

Startup Weekend is one of the largest communities of zealous entrepreneurs with events in nearly 600 cities around the globe; from London to Brazil, to Fredericksburg to South Africa. Passionate entrepreneurial minds from many different backgrounds converge for weekend long workshops to generate new ideas, network and even start new ventures. Startup Weekend events undoubtedly create an unprecedented opportunity for anyone who is enthusiastic about exploring their ideas and inspiring those around them. 

What’s different about this event?

This event focuses on innovating education for all involved, not just for students. The great things that will be conceived during this event will be created by it’s participants. This is how it goes: 1) Presentation of ideas: This is the first phase of the weekend long event. Anyone is welcome to present their startup idea who is looking for a team to help make it happen.2) Team formation: The second phase is the formation of teams around the top ideas. The top ideas are normally determined by popular vote. 3) Building: This is the third phase whereby a 54-hour period of great energy and activity involving business modeling, coding, designing and validating takes place. 4) Presentation to judges: This is the final stage. Every team presents what it has come up with before judges made up of local Entrepreneurial leaders. 

Who should participate?

We welcome all who have a passion for or are interested in changing the face of education for Sacramento, or for the world. This is an opportunity to collaborate with other thinkers, tinkers and entrepreneurs. We are especially in need of developers and designers interested in participating.

Why should I participate?

Startup Weekends are the ultimate learning and networking opportunity. Participants not only practice valuable entrepreneurial leadership and teamwork skills, they get to learn helpful business techniques from qualified coaches and compete for a chance to win prizes that will take their startup beyond the weekend. Meet a co-founder, connect with local educators, or learn a skill outside your usual 9-to-5. This is a chance to meet and interact with many successful entrepreneurs, some of whom may turn out to be your promoters. Get your tickets now to Ed Tech Startup weekend. This is a chance to make your ideas happen.


Startup Weekend - Trailer from Eighteen Eighty on Vimeo.

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