About David

David Berg is the Director of Technology for Big Picture Learning. He is also the Learning Through Interest Coordinator for Gibson Ek High School, an innovative new high school in Issaquah, Washington. He has been an advisor and Assistant Principal at The Met Sacramento High School.

David has worked with a diverse swath of the education communities. He has served on the SCUSD Google Apps Rollout Committee, has conducted ed-tech professional development for a variety of schools throughout the country and has showcased latest ed tech for Tom Torlakson, California Superintendent of Education.

David lives a somewhat dichotomous professional life. When not negotiating the wilds of the technology landscape, David is also a lead instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School, where he has taught leadership on sea kayaking expeditions for college students, the US Navy and NASA. Leaving to Learn!

David is an administrative credential candidate, holds a masters of science in Resource Management, and an undergraduate degree in Political Science. He recently moved to Washington State after living in California since 1995.

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